Monday, January 25, 2016

A few more Bham favorites

Can you tell we are eating our way through this city?! This is an old picture of a few of our favorite food items from Bellingham. We brought these with us when we went to stay with family in Seattle over the holidays. When we moved to Bellingham were very excited to find these locally made English muffins from Avenue Bread. Freshly made English muffins are just so much better than the usual ones you find the grocery store. These toast up just perfectly! And I love that they are so easy to find at the grocery stores around us too. I think it says a lot about a store/community when it's easy to find local products (especially bread). Of course we also had to bring down some local beer (Kulshan Brewing) and coffee (Hammerhead Coffee Roasters)!! I loved the description on the coffee....thought it would be perfect to take home to the grandparents!

Aslan Brewing & WWU

We had a friend from Seattle drive up to Bellingham for a visit today. One of the first places we thought to go for lunch was Aslan Brewing. We basically look for any excuse to have one of their bowls (we love the Hawaiin bowl with shredded pork). So delicious!!!!! I also had their seasonal Mosaic IPA and really enjoyed it.

After lunch we drove over to the Western Washington University campus and enjoyed the beautiful view of Bellingham Bay!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lettered Streets Coffeehouse

A couple weekends ago we stopped by Lettered Streets Coffeehouse and enjoyed a lovely mocha and a raspberry scone. It's located just a few blocks north of Downtown Bellingham in a cute old building. It definitely has a neighborhood coffee shop feel to it and the littles enjoyed the neat artwork on the walls. Would definitely stop by again if we're in the area!

Mocha at Lettered Streets Coffeehouse

Now we're in Bellingham

Yes it's true....since I lasted posted on this blog way back in 2012 we've moved to Bellingham! (Not to mention we also had another child since then!) Our family of four made the move north from Seattle to Bellingham this past fall and couldn't be happier. Everything we could ever want or need to do is basically 5-10 minutes away. (All the grandparents are a little farther away from us....but now they too can come visit and explore Bellingham with us!)

Check out this great video about Bham!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Evening run

Went for a nice run with the boys last night!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

See Jane Run


I've been needing some motivation to get back into the training mindset. Well, I happen to follow the blog Run ZoĆ« Run and saw that she was having a contest for a entry into the See Jane Run half marathon in Seattle on July 15th. I decided to enter and wouldn't you know.....I won! I really never win anything so I was super pumped! Not only is this great motivation to get back into training but anyone who's ever done a half-marathon knows they aren't cheap so to win an entry is awesome! Also, this will be a great jump start to my training for the Portland Half Marathon in October! And Zoe....if you read this post we WILL go for a run with the kiddos and jogging strollers. If only I could be as fast as you! ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Portland Half Marathon 2012

I did it. I just registered for my first half-marathon in over a year. I'll be doing the Portland Half Marathon this October. I'm excited to train for it with my husband as well as some friends from our PEPS group!! Let the training begin!